It’s homemade and all-natural line of products

The intent is to produce natural, organic personal care products at an affordable price.

In 2020, I hurt my back, while I was all muscle relaxed browsing in TV. just happened to see this Interview with this holistic doctor (for the life of me I wish I can re-call her name) talking about natural remedies that heal your body and all the chemicals that we expose ourselves in a daily basis in something as basic as shampoos and conditioners, soaps, etc.

I mean, have you ever really read a label of contents in your favorite shampoo for example?

It’s incredible the amount of Unpronounceable and unknown chemicals contained in products we use every day.  Those substances can contribute to chemical build up, dry hair, dandruff, clogging of hair follicles, hair thinning, etc.

Your soaps: they dry your skin, clog your pores, contribute to many skin diseases that are nothing more than allergens to some components in your soap.

There is a better way, by using all Natural Oils and Butters to clean your skin and nurture your hair.  Using natural components in your shampoo and conditioner that not only cleans and nurture but promotes healthy, clean, strong hair and luxurious Skin.

Also, you will be helping our environment by having a much smaller footprint by not using big plastic bottles that stay in our land fields forever.

Every little change we make now will have a huge impact environmentally for future generations.

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